Start The Talk

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This web page is a on-line parent learning tool that will help parents to start talking to their kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol use.  "Start the Talk," is setup like a video game.  This tool gives parents the chance to practice talking with a child avatar about underage drinking, and will help build their skills and confidence to have these conversation with their own children.

Liquor Theft Survey Available

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One of the strategies Kelso STOP is working on is to prevent youth liquor thefts from stores. Since the dismantling of the state liquor store structure, hard liquor can be purchased at grocery and other private licensed stores. This has provided an opportunity for youth to more easily steal bottles of hard liquor. Many of our community stores have implemented strategies to prevent easy access, however, youth theft is still a concern. Do you have a story to tell about youth or adults stealing liquor from stores?