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Currently, environmental health services are divided between two county agencies: The Health Department and the Building & Planning Department. The Health Department is responsible for food safety, group b water systems, chemical/physical hazards, recreational water safety, and zoonotic disease control and investigations. The Building & Planning Department is responsible for onsite sewage, solid waste, and one or two-house water systems. Please see below for more details:

Health Department

The Ethnic Support Council is a small, non-profit agency that helps immigrants and people with limited English skills as well as businesses, social service agencies, governmental entities and other organizations that serve these populations.

The Ethnic Support Council, which receives United Way funding, offers help by providing language translation and interpreting services as well as information and referral. Spanish is the most frequently requested language, but the office also gets calls for Cambodian, Russian, Vietnamese and other less common languages

Building on its essential core of case management and client advocacy, Evergreen AIDS Foundation provides free community outreach, education, prevention outreach, counseling and testing, mental health counseling, clinical support groups, emergency financial assistance, food assistance, housing assistance, peer advocacy, volunteer services and psychosocial support for persons with HIV disease and their families. Hours: Monday – Friday by Appointment (or drop-in – call at the door), Saturday – Sunday Closed

Occupying one of the largest studios in Washington, Evergreen Dance Center is also one of the oldest studios in the state.  Some former students have gone on to professional careers in dance, some have become fine teachers, and some are mothers bringing their children and even their grandchildren back to dance at Evergreen.

Whether you are investigating the claims of Christianity or you already have a strong and vital relationship with Jesus Christ, Faith Family is a place you can call home. We welcome a casual atmosphere where people are at home in a T-shirt and jeans or wearing their "Sunday go to meeting" best.

We believe that Jesus Christ has provided a way for people to live with peace and hope, even in a world where there seems to be neither . . .We would love to help you experience the hope that only He can give.

We are a family church made up of a wide variety of people. Though each one of us has come here by a different path, we are all here by the same grace. My prayer for you is that you would know the grace of God made available through Jesus Christ, that you might know the peace of God in all of life's victories and challenges.

  • Family Health Center
  • We believe that everyone deserves high quality, and compassionate care. We do this by providing comprehensive health services and education, regardless of circumstances or income. Together we improve quality of life and transform our communities.
  • Primary care, family planning, dental, behavioral health, substance use disorder treatment, WIC, and maternal support services.

Wahkiakum Clinic provides medical and family planning services.  Tuesday-Friday 8:00am-7:00pm

Any youth or parent having serious conflicts, any parent whose child has run away, or any runaway youth may request services. The State Division of Children & Family Services provides FRS to teenagers ages 13-17 and their families.

Fathers House Church is a non-denominational charismatic church that was started in 1996, out of three local churches joining together. Our lead pastor is Chuck Tilton.

Our heart is that you will find in Fathers House Church a home to belong to, a place to grow deeper in your walk with God at, and opportunities to put your faith into action! We are looking forward to getting to know you better and want to make your time here at Fathers House as rewarding as possible.