Kelso Indian Education



Please see website for details.

If you are of Native American heritage and have a student enrolled in the Kelso School District, your child is eligible for a wonderful opportunity. It’s called Indian Education, and it is a unique program designed to meet the educational and cultural needs of our Indian children. Our website is listed below with further information.
Students enrolled in Indian Education have an opportunity to learn about Native American history, music, dance, legends and crafts. Parents are encouraged to attend culture classes, also, and many find the program, as well as the annual Powwow scheduled for the 3rd Saturday in May, help bring Native American family and community together.  More information about the powwow is found on the website below.

Students enrolled in Indian Education are eligible to receive academic tutoring on a one-on-one basis. Students involved in the program improve academically and they place more value on education. A record number of Native American students graduate from Kelso High School each year.

In order to be enrolled, we must have an Indian Education registration form on file. You can download this form to your computer from the link below. It must have an original signature and be submitted to our department from your school secretary.  This form only needs to be completed once for each student. Indian Education is federally funded. The amount of funding is determined by the number of eligible students registered in the school district and enrolled in the Indian Education program.