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About Us:

Parents Anonymous® Inc. was founded in 1969 through the extraordinary efforts of Jolly K., a courageous, single mother who sought help to create a safe and caring home for her family. Her tenacity has inspired and encouraged so many families worldwide. Working in partnership with her social worker, they launched a unique solution for parents who wanted to strengthen their families — the Parents Anonymous ® Program – a group which meets weekly, is free of charge to parents and caregivers and is evidenced-based utilizing mutual support and shared leadership® to empower, inspire and create long term positive changes in their families. The complimentary Children and Youth Groups which meet simultaneously utilize the same principles to improve self-esteem, problem solving skills, and create leadership opportunities for personal growth and development. We know that Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength®. Moving to new heights, we created the only National Certification of Parent Leaders and National Certification on Shared Leadership® for Staff to enhance social capital and ensure high level knowledge, skills and abilities to improve the lives of families and communities.

Parents Anonymous® Inc. is the first national family strengthening organization to:

Recognize the value and expertise of the life experiences of parents
Advocate and model shared leadership® between parents, agencies and policy makers to ensure evidence-based results that benefit families
Advance an innovative conceptual framework and ambitious research agenda on Parent Leadership and Shared Leadership® that promote the strengthening of families and communities