After School Programs

Lower Columbia School Gardens

Lower Columbia School Gardens helps schools start and sustain dynamic, thriving garden and cooking programs. We run after-school and summer programming for children in Longview and Kelso at each of our 17 school gardens. To participate, students can register through their public elementary or middle school or by emailing Check our website for a complete listing of school gardens and a seasonal schedule of garden clubs, activities, events and other ways to volunteer or get involved in our program.


After School Programs - Longview Parks & Recreation Department

Activities held at Longview and elementary schools. Stations of activities include: homework, reading, games, crafts, sports and occasional guest speakers. Scholarship and reduced payment programs available to qualifying families. After School Program until 5:30 PM at Kessler and St. Helens, and 5:45 at Columbia Valley Gardens Elementary. Before /After School Programs from 7:00 to 8:45 AM and 3:30 to 6:00 PM at Robert Gray. Go to to register online.


Cascade Middle School

We take pride in being at team; together we build winners!  At Cascade, we believe that all students are capable of learning, developing values, and achieving personal growth. We believe that it is the staff’s responsibility to provide a safe environment in which the unique needs of middle school students are met and to ensure that learning and growth takes place.


Main Stage Theatre

Goal is to  Produce plays and see plays. To join, Contact the instructor at RA Long HS. There is no cost. Meet after school.

We are called Dana Brown Mainstage Theatre since both Mark Morris and R.A. Long students participate. We produce all of the plays in the district at the high school level. We produce on average one musical, one comedy and one serious play a year. In addition, we produce children's theatre plays and one-acts for contests. Trips to drama conferences are also regularly taken.


Youth and Family Link

Our Mission 

To promote positive change in a child and family's life by engaging and linking them to resources that will result in success in school, having positive friends, a healthy home life and being involved in positive activities.

Vision Statement

​We believe that: Our Services should be affordable and accessible to those who need them; Children and families should have access to resources to improve their lives; Services should be accessible, not just available, to all who need them.