Education & Enrichment

Koth Gallery

The Koth Memorial Gallery was dedicated in 1993 in memory of Wesley L. Koth, citizen of the world, art connoisseur, and longtime patron of the Longview Public Library.  The library art gallery was refurbished with a bequest from the estate of Wesley Koth and generous gifts from Wesley Koth's nephew, Frank Koth, and his wife Arlene and their three children: David Foster Koth, Judy Charles, and Nancy E. Thompson, who said "It is a perfect memorial as it incorporates both the arts and the library, two of his most favorite things!"


Youth and Family Link

Our Mission 

To promote positive change in a child and family's life by engaging and linking them to resources that will result in success in school, having positive friends, a healthy home life and being involved in positive activities.

Vision Statement

​We believe that: Our Services should be affordable and accessible to those who need them; Children and families should have access to resources to improve their lives; Services should be accessible, not just available, to all who need them.


Pathways 2020

A goal of Pathways 2020 is to provide and encourage a collaborative environment for community organizations of varying interests to come together for local solutions. Longview Drug Free Communities, Cowlitz Substance Abuse Coalition, and Cowlitz Meth Action Team are examples of successful community collaborations. Pathways 2020 discourages unnecessary competition for grant funds and supports community based projects rather than organization based.