Education & Enrichment

Mt. Solo Middle School

Success Belongs to Everyone -- We succeed when we value, respect, and encourage each other. We expect each student to: Be a Learner; Be Respectful; Be Responsible; Be Safe

We believe: Diversity is a strength to be embraced; Supportive communities encourage students to explore and take risks; Successful students take responsibility; A safe and secure environment promotes learning; Providing challenging learning opportunities for students is essential.


Cascade Middle School

We take pride in being at team; together we build winners!  At Cascade, we believe that all students are capable of learning, developing values, and achieving personal growth. We believe that it is the staff’s responsibility to provide a safe environment in which the unique needs of middle school students are met and to ensure that learning and growth takes place.


Thiels Music Center

We are your local musical instrument retailer specializing in all your musical Needs, we provide some of the newest and coolest products on the market today and provide repair services for all type of instruments from WoodWinds And Brass to Guitars, Amps And Drums. We are your One Stop Shopping center For Music Books, Guitars, Amps, Drums, PA's, Big Band, Percussion, Recording, Effects and Vintage Gear


United States Navy

America was founded on the principles of courage, equality and fairness. And for well over 200 years, America’s Navy has been instrumental in presenting these ideals to the world – through the selfless service of upstanding men and women; through their responsible use of incredibly powerful capabilities; and through the pride, purpose and professionalism that comes through in all they do. Here, learn what it means to be part of America’s Navy. A Global Force For Good. Get a sense of the Navy’s ongoing mission, history and traditions. Meet the current Navy leadership.


United States Marine Corps

Missions have changed over the years, but what has remained constant since November 10, 1775 is our unyielding commitment to protecting the lives of our citizens and the interests of our nation. Our purpose, by congressional mandate, is to be this nation's rapid response force; we are thus called to be "most ready when the nation is least ready." From humanitarian relief efforts to combat operations; from air, land and sea to every clime and place, the Marine Corps is ready to answer our nation's call.