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United States Coast Guard

Semper Paratus - Always Ready. That is your Coast Guard motto. The Coast Guard is one of our nations' five military services. We exist to defend and preserve the United States. We protect the personal safety and security of our people; the marine transportation system and infrastructure; our natural and economic resources; and the territorial integrity of our nation–from both internal and external threats, natural and man-made. We protect these interests in U.S. ports and inland waterways, along the coasts, on international waters.


United States Army

The Strongest Force In The World. The U.S. Army, a key component of the U.S. Armed Forces, is made up of the best-trained, most dedicated, most respected Soldiers in the world — protecting America’s freedoms at home and abroad, securing our homeland, and defending democracy worldwide. A Soldier in the U.S. Army is the embodiment of physical strength, emotional strength and strength of purpose. As a Soldier, you will be prepared to serve our country whenever and wherever you are needed, combat-ready at all times, trained to counter any threat, anywhere.


United States Air Force

Over 130 careers in the Air Force. Our mission? Fly, fight and win. How do we do it? By combining the best and the brightest with superior training and cutting-edge technology. Find out if there's a place for you in the United States Air Force.

Cyberspace Operation Officer - With today's technology, information and communications can be optimized like never before, and timely information...

Pilot - Taking control of one of the most advanced aircraft in the world - and pushing...


Parents Anonymous

Our mission is to ensure meaningful shared leadership® that results in better outcomes for families and communities by advocating, implementing and evaluating across systems through evidence-based Parents Anonymous® Groups, National Parent Helpline®, Shared Leadership® in Action and National Certification of Parent Leaders and Staff.


Main Stage Theatre

Goal is to  Produce plays and see plays. To join, Contact the instructor at RA Long HS. There is no cost. Meet after school.

We are called Dana Brown Mainstage Theatre since both Mark Morris and R.A. Long students participate. We produce all of the plays in the district at the high school level. We produce on average one musical, one comedy and one serious play a year. In addition, we produce children's theatre plays and one-acts for contests. Trips to drama conferences are also regularly taken.


Castle Rock Exhibit Hall

The Castle Rock Exhibit Hall and Visitors Center, located in a large white building on Front Avenue, features exhibits that convey the impact of the Mount St. Helens eruption on the area. As a historical museum there are displays on logging and rivers as well as Mount St. Helens. Exhibits include a working replica of a sawmill and a steam tractor. Other exhibits include logging equipment and historical photographs.