Recreation & Hobbies

Lewis River Golf Course

Lewis River Golf Course opened for business in 1967. The course started out as a 9-hole facility opening all 18-holes in 1969. Since then, the course has experienced many changes. A flood in 1996 destroyed six of the nine holes on the back side. The holes were completely rebuilt adding new and challenging changes. Between 1996 and 2000 three of the holes on the front nine were also rebuilt adding distance and beauty to the already scenic setting.


Canyonview Cyclery

At Canyonview Cyclery, our philosophy is simple - it's about the customer, not the sale. Making a sale doesn't mean much unless the customer is satisfied with the way they have been treated and is willing to return. Canyonview Cyclery is committed to winning your business and keeping it - Canyonview Cyclery's commitment to service is a part of everything we do.

Bob's Sporting Goods

In 1947 Bob Schlecht Sr. "hitched" his way from Minot, ND to Longview, WA, by way of railcar roof-tops. He and his wife Lila, opened the original war surplus store in a small tent. Selling items such as Army Cots for $2.50, Canteens for 25 cents, and Wool Socks for 50 cents. The local women kept him supplied with used grocery bags.


Silver Lake Resort

Silver Lake is one of the best Largemouth Bass Lakes in Western Washington; it also has crappie, bluegill, trout, catfish, perch and two kinds of carp. Silver Lake Resort is open year round & there is always something to do & enjoy like fishing year round from our docks or from your motel room. Or, just relax in one of our cabins watching the lake and enjoying the serenity of your surroundings.  Check out our photo gallery to see photos of some great fish recently caught in Silver Lake.